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New Updated 2013 Introduction from Treb


Treb  Channeling

Those who have received guidance or inspiration and would like to give a gift of appreciation. The following link will take you to PayPal, a popular and safe means of exchanging money over the Internet. The content on this site and help through personal sessions will always remain free. This is only a means to share your love and gratitude if you choose to!

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The Enlightenment Evolution Hour


This show is given out to the collective to listen to every week for free. Even though it is free to listen to, it does come at a cost to us and any donations are welcome. 
Rob Gauthier, channeler of Treb is  here to help the collective consciousness open their minds and their Hearts. We are doing this show out of the want to add to the collective. We want changes in the world politics, and financial systems. BUT we know all this must change within each and everyone of us well before we can manifest this on a mass scale. We are here to start that NOW. Add your love and light and call in. Add to our show as we cover ALL subjects. Call in at 9-10:30 PM. CALL IN @ (347) 308-8788 In US. We do this for free, but it cost us to pay for the extended times from 30 min to one and a half hour. We accept donations for this show to be possible. It cost us $99 USD a month. If u want to help, please donate.