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New Updated 2013 Introduction from Treb

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Daniel Scranton

Please join us on Sept. 25th Wednesday evening, 9 PM eastern and 6 PM pacific time. We ill have live interview followed by a channeling with the callers questions being taken by Channeler Daniel Scranton himself as he channels the collective known as The Creators.

Call in with your questions at (347) 308-8788. Listen here or ink below live.

Daniel Scranton lives in Ojai, CA with his beautiful wife, Lana. Daniel has been a conscious verbal channel for almost three years. In that time, he has worked publicly with a collective of beings known as The Creators. The Creators are a group of twelfth-dimensional light beings whose purpose is to guide humanity at this wonderful and sometimes turbulent time of our dimensional shift. The Creators are very high vibrational beings whose energy can be felt in the physical bodies of those who share space with Daniel while he channels
 — with George Spirakis and Daniel Scranton.

.9PM Eastern/6PM pacific... THE NEWLY REVAMPED ROB GEORGE ENLIGHTENMENT EVOLUTION SHOW WILL AIR !!! PLEASE JOIN US n call at (347) 308-8788 or sign in at Blog talk radio. and connect to Skype. Brand new setup for show.

Rob Gauthier, channeler of Treb, and George Spirakis, creator of the Treb Channeling Open Forum, and spiritual decoder, are here to help the collective consciousness open their minds and their Hearts. We are doing this show out of the want to add to the collective. We want changes in the world politics, and financial systems. BUT we know all this must change within each and everyone of us well before we can manifest this on a mass scale. We are here to start that NOW. Add your love and light and call in. Add to our show as we cover ALL subjects. Please viset our siye on youtube for archived information and here is our youtube pages.

DONATE HERE TO HELP WITH COST OF BROADCAST. .20 to 1.00 per listener will help us keep going. If u do donate on donation notes, please put " Rob & George show. Donate here.

Alos leave questions here at our facebook page.

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