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New Updated 2013 Introduction from Treb

Saturday, July 26, 2014

WEEKEND WITH TReb in Asheville

This is the VERY FIRST event of its kind for TReb channeling ! This is YOUR chance to have a once in a lifetime opportunity ! Come and join us for this up close and personal chance to spend THREE days with Rob Gauthier, Kalina Angell, and Treb Bor yit-NE. We will share some THREE 10-12 + hour days at The Biltmore Express Inn in Asheville North Carolina in a Suite and many locations around Asheville.  From Friday. Aug  15th to Sunday Aug 17th ...

For those of you who don't know about Asheville, it is one of the nations TOP new age/metaphysical cities ! Stores, temples, bookstores, crystal shops and so on.

This wonderful weekend will cost $777 ( click buy now below ) per person and will include two vegetarian meals a day (lunch and dinner) Also we will offer the chance for each of you individually  will spend one hour of one on one with TReb in trance channeling. We will meet every morning at 12 pm noon EST and do all activities until 10 Pm to midnight. Plus the late-night CE-5.  We will also be doing workshops, meditation practices in nature, UFO CE-5 techniques, learning to channel,  and the newest addition conscious channeling at ALL group times with TReb. WE CAN ONLY HOLD EIGHT people for this event. First come first serve. You will be responsible for your own transportation, lodging and breakfast. If your diet needs to go outside of the vegetarian meals we prepare, then you will be responsible for your own food. ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE BY AUG 12 5PM EST...

Click Buy Now Below. You may use paypal, Credit card, or personal Check.
Any Questions Contact Kalina Angell @
or contact Rob Gauthier @

Monday, July 21, 2014

Channel Panel ONLINE Event~ UPDATED !

The Channel Panel ~ ONLINE EVENT ~ Sept. 13th Saturday

Live interactive online event ! Five world renowned channelers all in one HUGE event ! presents......The Channel Panel Sept 13th. It will start 1 PM EST. Europe, and Australia will not have to miss out on this one !  The Channel Panel is an event that is just what the name eludes to. A panel of some of The GREATEST channelers and channels around. Moderator and Co~Host Kalina Angell will help guide you through this amazing event.  This event is a 6 hour event with the greatest names in channeling today. This is an online event that will be easily accessible to anyone with internet on their device, phone, mac or pc. This event is an online event for anyone  around the world who wish to join us. The cost for such a GREAT event ? $45 USD. If you can not show up on the day of the event, you can STILL buy a ticket... If you do, you will have unlimited streaming video download with purchase of each ticket ! So you can buy now, and watch LATER ! 
Register HERE ~ 

Special Thanks to Kalina Angell..for the wonderful graphics. 

Presenters include..........

Brad Johnson ~

John Cali ~ 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Advanced Master Class - Advanced Class Pay-Per-View

Now we have the ONE and ONLY "Density Master Class" Available now on pay-per-view. 15 USD to download this event. Click and pay below in credit card or Paypal and within 24 hours you will receive the download link. Remember that you can control the volume of each presenter in this software. What you do is download the zip file and then you click on the "default" icon and it will take you to the recording. If you want to know more about this please watch "The Master Density Class 101" watch below. And the second video is the Original trailer.

Click Here to Purchase.

Original Master Density Class 101

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tuning In Now ~ A new Tuning In Movie FUNDRAISER

Q. Is TReb going to be a part of Tuning In ~ Spirit Channelers Of America Prt 3 ?


WHAT A TIME FOR SUCH GREAT NEWS!!! A NEW kickstarter program IS NOW UP AND RUNNING !! From the director of the 1st two phenomenal documentaries. Myself and TReb will be featured in this new installment of the legendary trilogy. I am so excited. And if any of you are interested in helping raise funds. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE POST !!!! 



1. Darryl Anka- Bashar -
2.John Cali - Chief Joseph -
3.Lee Carroll - Kryon -
4.Geoffrey Hoppe - Tobias -
5. Wendy Kennedy - The Pleiadean Collective -
6. Rob Gauthier - TReb

We are very excited to announce a new Tuning In film! Tuning in Now will feature new and vital information from Geoffrey Hoppe (Adamus), Lee Carroll (Kryon), Darryl Anka (Bashar), John Cali (Chief Joseph), Wendy Kennedy (Pleiadian Collective), Rob Gauthier (Treb), and perhaps others as well. The original Tuning In has become the gold standard for these sorts of metaphysical movies, and Tuning In Now intends to be bigger, better and even more relevant for our changing times. Please find out more at

UPDATE  5/10/2013 

Tuning In Now~
David Thomas

A hornet is buzzing about inside your car, smacking up against the windshield, desperate to reach the vast vistas just beyond the glass, but getting more and more frustrated. He grows frantic, buzzing louder, knowing true freedom is so tantalizingly close… but not quite able to get there.
Sometimes I feel like that hornet. Maybe you do too. The cosmic benchmark 2012 came and went with seemingly no true change. We are told of great onslaughts of new energy and changing DNA and becoming crystalline beings.
We may indeed be budding masters and the bravest of the brave for coming to the dense energy of this planet, but I for one am getting impatient and a bit crotchety. I feel a deep impulse to further delve into what’s truly going on so I am making a sequel to the film “Tuning In,” which many of you enjoyed and found value in.
It was produced six years ago and featured Geoffrey Hoppe channeling Adamus, as well as Lee Carroll (Kryon), Darryl Anka (Bashar), John Cali(Spirit), Wendy Kennedy (Pleiadian Collective) and Shawn Randall (Torah). They have again agreed to participate and there will be new blood as well. That movie contained much profound wisdom and people around the world loved it.
For the uninitiated, the non-physical beings the humans “channel” claim to be an angel (Adamus), an alien from the future (Bashar) and something that calls itself “of magnetic service” (Kryon).
So this is not your everyday material. You won’t find this information on Fox or CNN. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t real. I am a former journalist that has studied the phenomena of channeling for years and concluded it’s real, it is happening.
You may well ask what I’ve been smoking. Well, nothing. I am reasonable sober and sane, and can testify that channeled material has been a boon and blessing for my own life. I made that movie six years ago to help disseminate the wisdom and information coming through.
It was quite gentle in nature, though it did contain what some consider controversial information (Hitler went to heaven!). This time around I feel I need to hit harder, go deeper and truly get to the marrow of what we are going through and where we’re headed.
It would be a disservice to everyone to do anything less. Which is why I am inviting you to send me questions for the extensive interviews I’ll be doing, things that are truly on your mind and gnawing at your soul. This will be a cutting-edge film, and the kid gloves are off.
So feel free to contact me at
I have started a crowdfunding campaign to pay for travel, personnel, equipment, lodging and the like. We are going to raise $33,000, which is meager by Hollywood standards, but I’ve learned how to be very efficient. There are lots of perks offered, including of course the finished DVD, but also a CD set of the hours upon hours we record with all the channelers, the vast majority of which needs to be trimmed for a 90-minute film. But you can have access to every word.
You could also even become a producer on the film and be on set for the shoots, if you’d like.
We are at
It’s important to do this film because it will really take the temperature of where we are now and where we’re headed. Again, I welcome your questions and input. What is really on your mind and in your gut? There will be nothing off limits with “Tuning In Now”.
I am loath to sound like a PBS pledge drive, but I can’t do this without contributions. These are not “donations”… plenty of quid pro quo perks are offered.
This feeling of buzzing about like that hornet trapped in the car is sometimes uncomfortable. But perhaps there’s a crack in the passenger side window. Or maybe we’re just imagining the windshield.
We aim to find out with “Tuning In Now”.
* *

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Enlightenment Evolution Hour Network Announcement

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!! We are officially on a run for the launching of our Internet Radio Network. I now introduce you all to The Enlightenment Evolution Network. This is a network for all things metaphysical. We have the greatest team ever assembled for The Enlightenment Evolution Network. Most of you are aware of The Enlightenment Evolution Hour Which is every Wednesday at 9Pm EST. But now we are going to have a show from a different host each evening. All links active. 

MONDAY 9:30 PM EST~ We will have Daniel Scranton Hosting ~ Heart to Heart Talk Radio with Daniel Scranton. Join Daniel Scranton and his featured guests as they discuss such topics as The Shift, ETs, global events, channeling, energy work, toning and sound healing, manifestation, and all things metaphysical. Each show will open the phone lines to callers, generating high frequency discussions on anything and everything related to living on planet Earth…and beyond! Daniel Scranton is a channel, Reiki Master, and sound healer. He lives in Ojai, CA with his beautiful wife Lana. Daniel has been working with a group of beings known as The Creators since the Fall of 2010. He also channels Ophelia (a faerie), and The Hathors. Daniel also teaches channeling, holds regular teleclasses, and provides daily channeled messages for free to his email subscribers, Facebook friends, and on youtube. Daniel pursues his interests in hiking, raw food, and science fiction with as much passion as he channels.

Daniels website -

TUESDAY 9 PM EST~ We will have Carlos Rius Hosting the Galactic Families. As much as we can say about this show the name says it ALL ! Helping make the connection with our families in other galaxies, and other solar systems. It is about contact and connecting heart to heart with our ....Galactic Families. He is also a part of the great Facebook Page YahYel Civilization

Carlos Rius Website -

WEDNESDAY 9 PM EST ~ Me myself and I Rob Gauthier- Creator of the Enlightenment Evolution Network , will host the show that started it all, The Enlightenment Evolution Hour. This is a trip through Wednesdays where every first Wednesday of the month I am channeling Treb who will take all callers questions. The third Wednesday will be special guest such as channelers and other metaphysical teachers. The other two weeks are our freestyle call ins to share information and love with whoever wishes to co-create the evening with us. Although It is called the Enlightenment Evolution Hour, we always spend one and a half or more hours with you.

Rob Gauthier -

THURSDAY at 9PM EST ~ Philip Mollica will be hosting ~ Philip Mollica's Consciousness Evolution Hour. Welcome to Philip Mollica’s Consciousness Evolution Hour! On our show, we will be discussing in depth a wide range of metaphysical topics from the perspective of the 5th Dimension. Topics will include The Shift, 5th Dimensional living, Relationships, Channelers/Channelings, Non-Physical and Off-World energies, the New World Paradigm, and will attempt to help guide listeners into their own abilities to find value fulfillment, peace, love, ease and relief through heart-based living.We will have special guest co-hosts, speakers and channelers who will assist us in exploring these topics, and I assure you it will be a most forward-looking and unique experience in exploration of our new 5th Dimensional world. Philip Mollica is a Teacher and Speaker who presides over and facilitates the Consciousness Evolution 2.0 Group on Facebook, as well as being admin for the Bashar Inspiration Group there as well. He has two local Metaphysical Meetup Groups in Michigan that convene three weeks a month, and writes almost daily in the Facebook groups, helping people discover their own true powers.

You can find Philip and the Consciousness Evolution 2.0 Group at Consciousness Evolution 2.0

Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be announced soon ! Please come and join us so that we all can co-create this new world we are living in. To see what is new and what is coming, keep an eye on this Facebook page, as well as all links, pages, and crews above. Or go here to look.

Facebook Group -
Facebook Page  -

Donate to network here. 

Sample show for The Enlightenment Evolution Hour 

Sample for Heart to Heart Talk Radio with Daniel Scranton -